Blue Express Services (BES) are the Okinawa special occupation and a vessel physical distribution service company. The marine transportation network of the reliance which connects a central port in and outside the country to Okinawa, and replies to all a visitor’s needs. I use a RORO ship, a ferry and a cargo boat, and other various vessels, and send the important burden on a visitor to you by Door to Door safely, certainly, and quickly.(from large-sized plant transportation up to petty door-to-door delivery)

The contents of operating

Foreign route

  • Transportation consistent [ in overseas <=> Japan ]
  • It is consistent from the factory taking over of overseas to the domestic appointed place, and performs traffic management.

  • Freight forwarder business concerning export and import
  • It is consistent to transportation between the customs clearance concerning export and import, and a port <=> factory / store, and performs traffic management.

  • Others
  • Foreign route vessel agency

    Local shipping lane

  • Domestic land-and-sea consistent transportation (mainland <=> Okinawa)
  • Okinawa within-the-prefecture detached island facilities (Miyako and a stone wall, other detached islands)
  • Goods storage and management
  • A precision instrument, heavy load conveyance, and installation
  • A lighting enterprise and an energy-saving enterprise

    I offer a “light” gentle to global environment through next-generation lighting “HALO.”

    Corporate profile

    Company name BLUE EXPRESS SERVICE CO.,ltd
    Address 2-28 Minatomachi3-chome,Naha-shi,Okinawa-ken 900-0001,JAPAN
    Telephone number +81-98-864-2468
    +81-98-864-2486(Distribution center)
    FAX number +81-98-864-2485
    Representative Representative director president Zensuke Shimoda
    Establishment November 1, 1996
    Capital 15,000,000 yen
    The number of employees 17 persons
    Business activity
  • Shipping business
  • Shipping agency business
  • Shipping brokerage
  • Cargo transportation enterprise
  • Coastal service shipping handling business
  • Cargo transportation handling business
  • General cargo automobile transportation enterprise
  • Wastes collection conveyance enterprise
  • Environmental enterprise
  • The second sort freight use transportation enterprise
  • Main customer
  • Kamigumi Co., Ltd.
  • Senko Co., Ltd.
  • JA Okinawa
  • Sumiwa Co., Ltd.
  • LVD JAPAN Co., Ltd.
  • Tradia Co., Ltd.
  • GIMA Co., Ltd.
  • Nishin Co., Ltd.
  • Warehouse
  • The head office and a distribution center / 1F floor area 342.19 tsubo / 2F 62.07-tsubo floor area
  • A No. 2 warehouse / 1F floor area 123.5 tsubo / 2F 100.0-tsubo floor area
  • Corporate history

    November, 1996 Blue express service Co.,Ltd establishment / foreign route use transportation enterprise is undertaken a subject, and business is started.
    February, 1997 The vessel agency of an evergreen is acquired (it will end in December, 2010).
    June, 1999 Kamigumi Co., Ltd. Okinawa agency is acquired
    August, 2000 A distribution center (the present No. 2 warehouse) is newly established for shipping-freight-traffic increase in efficiency.
    December, 2000 In order to perform consistent transportation of coastal service and foreign route cargo, general cargo automobile transportation business permission is acquired.
    April, 2001 Senko Okinawa Co.,Ltd. agency is acquired.
    September, 2001 The head office and a distribution center are relocated to present address for extension of business.